Brick Paver Sealer

"How important is sealing your pavers"

Sealing you new or existing pavers every couple of years is extremely important.  

  • By sealing and maintaining your brick pavers you are insuring that you and your family get to experience the full life of your pool deck, driveway, Patio and Outdoor Kitchen area.  
  • Sealing not only protects from fading caused by the traffic and the hot Florida sun, it also protects from stains.  you may be asking what kind of stains are we worried about on our pavers or natural stone well here is a few we see everyday.  Ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, Cooking Grease, Oil leaks, tire marks from mowers and cars, chemicals or salt from the pools and spas etc...  Having your pavers sealed takes the work out of enjoying your paved area.

How It Works?

Aside from protecting from stains Sealing your Brick Pavers makes maintaining extremely easy too .  

  • Its as simple as spraying a hose.  Thats right no more sweeping...  Even just a little rain and your pavers are looking as good as new.  Why not let mother nature do your outdoor cleaning and you can smile the next time you see it rain.  
  • Think of it like this.  Having a freshly waxed car and going through some dusty roads, you get home and it down pours for our usual 15 minutes.  you can just watch the water bead up and roll off, but what you might not realize is that when that water hits the car and beads up it is also taking all the dirt and dust with it leaving an almost completely clean car.  the same is true with your sealed pavers.  Now your starting to put it together.

As far as materials we are proud to use only the best sealer products possible and that's Seal 'N Lock sealer products.  Seal N Lock is made and distributed right here in the Tampa Bay Area.  We dont just use them to support local business they also happen to be THE BEST...  

We are offering Free Estimates

Same day estimates available in some cases

Simply fill the form out with the Property Address, Prefered Time and Date and scope of the work to be done.  We will contact you within the hour to confirm our appointment and availability.  In most cases Josh, Corey or Nathan can help you out same day.  You can also simply give us a call at 727-342-3241.

We look forward to helping you on your next project and thank you for doing your work as many others have to find your best hardscape contractor.  

Minimum pavers job $3,000.00
Minimum repair job $500.00
with Sealing Pavers

Florida State Certified Builders License - CBC1261248 

Brick Paver Repairs

" We also Offer Complete Brick Paver Repair "

We offer professional paver repair at a low flat rate cost per Sq/Ft.  If your new to the area this maybe a supprise to you since i am sure you have the idea pavers last forever and your right the pavers them selves do last a very very long time but what about the always shifting sand that the pavers and your house for that matter have been built on.  Ever heard of a sinkhole?  

We find often that pavers sink after a few years in certain areas.  This is usually caused by old tree roots that have rotted away leaving a gap under ground for the pavers to sink into, also broken sprinkler pipes are pretty common.  We even just see poor installation techniques (Short Cuts) and nothing drives me more crazy than short cuts, especially when you pay good money for a service to be completed.  

So to help our Tampa Bay Area we are offering Repair Services for $500 first 100 Sq/Ft and $4.50 Per Sq/Ft after 100 Sq/Ft. 

 We are offering this to help people realize that getting that eyesore fixed is not only as easy as a phone call but affordable too.  

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