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What to expect at your Free Same Day Estimate? ($49.00 Value)

  1. Once you have scheduled your Estimate you will receive an exact time to expect us and if you use the text message feature on your cell phone you will be sent a text message with the ETA (Exact Time of Arrival) once our consultant puts your address in his/her GPS they will send you a message with the displayed arrival time so your not left wondering when they are coming.
  2. Upon Arrival we will measure the project area and provide you with the Sq/Ft (Square Foot) this will be the basis of what the price will be totaled on.  Example: 100 Sq/Ft x $6.00= $600.00
  3. After the price and materials are selected we than schedule your work to be preformed date.  We usually can schedule within two weeks of the date of estimate. 
  4. After we have the price, Materials and Date we both simply sign the work agreement and you are left with a copy.  Its that easy..

We like to keep expectations high with our customers this allows us to out preform on higher standards then even what you might expect.  We strive everyday to make sure we are working at the top of our abilities.  This keeps on pushing us to be able to provide more and expand our current abilities to be able to serve the Tampa Bay Area with the respect and integrity we all deserve from a company that is performing work at our homes and business's.  We always appreciate feedback on how we can improve our customers experience and outlook on our company.  By keeping this focus in the front of our minds we hope that you will share with your friends that we are here to make a lasting change in how people view our industry. 

Brick Pavers Free Same Day Estimates

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We can measure and help you pick the color, design and material in just minutes.   With our years of experience we can quickly evaluate and  help you choose from our full line catalog of available FlagStone Pavers, Tremron Pavers and BelGuard Pavers.  


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