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Natural Stone Pavers Tampa Bay

Lets face it, Concrete pavers have their flaws.  Whether its color fade, efflorescence "white haze" or simply falling apart.  Although using a quality manufactured paver can alleviate most of these concerns they still come up every so often.  We understand budget may be a concern for most but for those who want lasting beauty may choose a natural flagstone paver.  

The benefits of  natural flagstone pavers are pretty plentiful.  

Because natural stone has stood the test of time already, Fading is not a concern.

Natural colors blend well with neutral color schemes since neutral colors seem to be more in line with nature.

Natural stone is pretty durable and even though it has natural imperfections which may make it weaker in spots, its also what gives it its beauty.  When using dimensional cut natural stone most of the structural blemishes are removed while keeping the cosmetic color changes intact.

Sealing natural stone is still an option as with concrete pavers.  When sealing natural stone however your not sealing to protect color fade from Florida's powerful sun exposure.  When sealing natural stone its purely for color enhancement and stain prevention.  Sealing natural stone is purely a cosmetic choice and not as necessary when compared to concrete pavers.

The bottom line is still a concern so here it is.

Concrete pavers for a back patio 300 sq/ft will run you $2100.00 Installed including all charges for installation. (Sealer would be an additional $0.70 per Sq/ft or $210.00)

Natural Flagstone at 300 Sq/ft will run you $3600.00 Installed including excavation, base, grading and polymeric sand.  (Sealer would be an additional $0.50 per Sq/Ft or $150.00)

Whether you choose Concrete Pavers or Natural Stone Pavers Tampa Bay Pavers can handle everything from estimate to installation.

Hope this helps